I want to be the bridge between you and starlight worlds.
I want to be the bridge between you and your starlight home-home for your soul.
You are not only body and a being here. You are soul from light worlds which live in your body here to share your light with earth. 
I can help you to fulfill missing links to have more understanding why you are here and how to live here in a happy way and help you will to share your gifts and talents.

I come from starlight world, I carry starlight with me.I offer energetic sessions, workshops in Tainan, Taipei(they both are cities in Taiwan).
I like to write postcards, letters, a specific sentence for people like healing words.

If you like to receive a postcard from me, you can inbox me with your address and name. For people who live in other countries is free,if you like you can send me a postcard from your country. For people who live in Taiwan, I'd like you to donate some coins to the box from charities.

#starlight #starlightessences #goldenage #postcard #healingwords

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