New Moon Message from the starlight worlds for the 11th of November 2015



Om Namah Shivaya


The new moon in November is on a very special date! Manifold cosmic portals will pour out light from the cosmic light realms to strengthen the light grid of Earth. It is one of the exceptional opportunities to empty and free yourself completely and to be filled with light. The cleansing impact of this new moon is huge. Nothing remains the same. This makes it easier to be open and receptive for new inspiration and the light frequencies that are streaming in from the cosmic light realms to Earth and human kind.

It is like an awakening code that reminds you of your origin, your soul home, your tasks and your goals for the new time. There are no limits; these only exist in the human consciousness. All is possible in one moment.

Earth itself is aligning through its crystalline structures to these new levels. Earth is open to receive. Be open to receive, too. Surrender to the Great Mother like an empty vessel that is ready to be filled again. All is possible. Feel safely carried in the loving Shakti presence of the Divine Mother whom you can surrender to on all levels.

New things will come into your life. Everything will find a new place to create a new flow, to establish and to strengthen new networks. Empty yourself, cleanse yourself with sacred chants, with water, with fire; whichever suits you best.

The energy and light will increase extensively, for Earth and for yourself. Find places where it is easy for you to come into contact with these high frequencies. You can visit light centres as they are special places on Earth where the connection to Heaven is very strong.

The release of light from the cosmic light realms brings new creation impulses that aim for immediate manifestation. Be surprised by what wants to come to you. Welcome it like a joyful child.

Be curious about what life is holding for you: unknown potential, aspects and opportunities! During this new moon, connect through your heart to the new frequencies and light. According to your own resonance you will get in touch with the right impulses for yourself.

Connect with others through the network of light and love. Share your joy about living love and light every day of your life. You are blessed in this special time.

Om Namah Shivaya

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