New Moon Message 16/6/15: The pink light of creation embraces all


The healing frequencies of the divine Mother are becoming stronger than ever before. Loving waves of pink light from the eternal sources of love are weaving through creation. The light that is now pouring out to Earth brings new resonances for the heart chakra to awaken potentials of love which allow for new ways of cooperating, of living and working together. 

This all uniting and loving frequency of pink light can heal anything. It touches and penetrates layers of isolation and it flows to the core where it reaches oneness. Areas that have been separated unite again. Polarity can disappear in this light. It is like a softener from the sources of love of the divine Mother. Surrender to these healing frequencies. They come from the nourishing and carrying love power which is now taking its place on Earth to create these natural flows and currents for everyone. 
It is a pure female creation energy which brings light and lightness. Everybody is supported and carried in this light. These light and healing frequencies of the Divine Mother bring new impulses. They help us to stop the human drama. The lightness if your own being can be experienced. Allow yourself to be part of the eternal flow of love. It contains everything. Everybody is nourished by it. It flows through the heart so that everybody can be part of it. 

To nourish and to be nourished; beyond the limited human view. Awakening in the power of love of the heart. Being part, being complete. Everything is possible when you surrender to this light. The pink light of the divine Mother frees you from aspects and experiences of the part. A gentle wave of light that lets you arrive completely in the Here and Now. 
滋養與被滋養;超越人類觀點的限制。喚醒在心中的愛的力量。成為其中,成為完整。每件事都是可能的,當你向這光臣服。神性之母的粉紅光讓你從面向與經驗部分中自由。 一股溫柔的光流讓你全然抵達此時此刻。

Earth, the light net and all worlds are being perfused, carried and held in this loving light presence. Feel loved and become the love that knows no borders. 

Om Namah Shivaya
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