這三則是近期朵琳芙秋Doreen Virtue分享在臉書上的祈禱文,Doreen以教授天使療法、出版書籍牌卡而被世人所知。我把它們整理在這裡並翻譯成中文,譯文不甚完美請多包涵。你也可以直接在臉書上看到Doreen Virtue更多的訊息。如要分享,請註明出處。

A prayer to help you stay centered when you’re stressed or scared:

“Dear God, 

My mind and heart are racing with thoughts and images of worst-case-scenarios and I am stressed! Please intervene and hold me tightly like a loving parent comforting an upset child. Please calm my mind and restore my inner peace. 

Please help me to think clearly and to connect with your divine wisdom and creative and miraculous solutions to this situation. Please help me to know that everything is okay and will be okay . . . especially when I approach the situation with your guidance. Amen.”






A prayer to release guilt: 

“Dear God, 

I open my heart to you completely: You know that I feel like I have made many mistakes, and I feel bad about myself and my actions. I need your help in letting go of shame, guilt, and regrets. Please help me to learn from my past mistakes, instead of beating myself up about them. Please help me to grow into a strong person with faith and integrity who takes the right action steps. Please help me to forgive myself completely. Please help me to love myself and be happy. Amen.”




A prayer to stop sabotaging yourself:

“Dear God,

Please help me to accept your bountiful gifts and to know that I, like all of your children, am worthy and deserving of a healthful, safe, and joyous life. Please help me to release any old negative concepts about my self-worth, and help me to see myself as you see me: through the eyes of love. Please help me to value and honor myself, including allowing support to abundantly flow to me. Thank you for helping me to know that it’s a sign of strength to ask for and allow myself to be helped, and to gracefully accept help and support.”





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